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Tips to Help You Prepare Your Loretto, VA Property for Land Clearing Services


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Mike S, Contractor
Mike S, Contractor
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I've worked with them on multiple projects and they never disappoint. Their attention to detail and ability to stay within budget is unparalleled.
Jake K, Project Manager
Jake K, Project Manager
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R.E. Douglas was a lifesaver on our recent development project. Their team was efficient and communicative, making the process a breeze. I highly recommend them.
Karen W, Homeowner
Karen W, Homeowner
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I was hesitant about the excavation process for my new pool, but the team at R.E Douglas made it so seamless! Professional and efficient, I couldn't be happier with the results.
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When homeowners and business owners need land clearing services in Loretto, VA, R.E. Douglas Company Inc is the first company they call! Our team of professionally trained, highly skilled technicians are experts in their field. Using the most advanced tools, cutting-edge equipment, and proven strategies, they can quickly and efficiently clear land of all shapes, sizes, and terrains. If you need to hire a Loretto, VA land clearing service contractor, for the best results, look no further than R.E. Douglas Company Inc!

How to Prepare Your Loretto, VA Property for Professional Land Clearing Services

Whether you have an upcoming construction project or you just want to make your backyard more usable and aesthetically pleasing, you’re planning on hiring a professional company that offers Loretto, VA land clearing services. Smart decision, because clearing put vegetation, rocks, and debris is a complex and hazardous task that definitely needs to be handled by a professional. If you want to ensure the best possible results, however, you really need to take the time to prepare. But how do you do that? Read on for some simple tips that you can use to prepare your Essex County property before your Loretto, VA land clearing service arrives.

Check Local Zoning Laws and Permits

Before you start any type of major work on your Essex County property, you need to check local zoning laws and permit requirements. You definitely don’t want to end up finding out that you’re violating laws or that you don’t have the necessary permits when the project is already underway. To avoid major headaches and costly fines, take the time to check with your local officials to ensure that you have all of the necessary paperwork squared away before the Loretto, VA land clearing service is scheduled to arrive.

Decide What Goes and What Stays

It’s also a wise idea to decide what you want to have removed from your Essex County property and what you want to keep. Assess your land and clearly establish what, if anything, you don’t want to have removed. Take photos and write a list of the spaces or items that you don’t want disturbed and review the information with your Loretto, VA land clearing service professionals when they arrive.

Do a Pre-Clearing Inspection

Before your property is scheduled to be cleared, take the time to do a pre-clearing inspection. This is particularly important if you’re having a lot that’s being used, such as a backyard, but it’s also important if the lot is vacant, because you never know what you could end up finding. Walk the property or use a drone to assess it. If you find anything of value, be sure to remove it before the Loretto, VA land clearing service company is slated to arrive. Doing so will not only preserve items that may be worth something to you but will also eliminate potential hazards and ensure the safety of the technicians who will be working on your project.

Take Safety Precautions

If the lot that you’re having cleared is already in use or if it’s located within close proximity to other properties, be sure you take the necessary safety precautions before your Loretto, VA land clearing service company arrives. For example, if you’re going to be clearing a wooded space that runs adjacent to your Essex County backyard and you have children and pets, establish that the yard is off-limits during the project and have a plan in place to prevent anyone from accidentally accessing the area. Clearing land requires the use of heavy equipment and machinery, and involves felling trees and other structures, so there’s a chance that people or pets could get injured if they’re in close proximity to the area.

Looking for Affordable and Efficient Land Clearing Services in Loretto, VA?

For the most reliable land clearing services in Essex County, look no further than R.E. Douglas Company Inc! With years of experience, dozens of satisfied clients, and a proven track record of excellence, we have the knowledge and skill you can depend on to deliver outstanding results. Call 804-241-4949 today!

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